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Leading Manufacturer & supplier of Finest Quality Surgical, Dental, Ent Diagnostic, Orthopedic, Cosmetics & Surgery Instruments.

We offers More than 10000 Single Use & Re-usable Instruments for Health Insdustry (Cardiac, Vascular, Neurosurgery, Urology, Gynecology, Otology, Dermatology, Rhinology, Traumatology, Thoracic, Microsurgery and General Surgeries & also Surgical Hollowares.

Dental Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Diagnostic, ENT Products

Best Selling Equipment's

Ear Hearing Aids from Starkey

Advanced Bionics

Mini Hearing Aids Digital


Integral to any surgical procedure, surgical instruments are core to Murray Surgical’s offering. Our range includes high-quality products from industry-leading brands such as Elcon, Medicon, Stille, Innomed and more.

Our full Surgical Instruments range includes over 20,000 products

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